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Rockin’ AllWays
The Nu Niles, Barcelona Big Blues Band, Double Six

realizador: Carla Navarro
música: The Nu Niles, Barcelona Big Blues Band, Double Six
año de producción: 2012
descarga/fuente: Vimeo

The Rockabilly Scene of Barcelona has recently clashed with a wave of customized crowds that are approaching its underground borders attracted by its aesthetics.
Some old school members see the Custom Culture and the 1950s revival with suspicion and they are digging up the unwritten rules to state what it takes to become a rocker. To enter the scene is not tough but you might not be accepted straight away, you have to demonstrate knowledge, engagement and love for Rock’n’Roll.
Rockin’ AllWays (2011) are 23 minutes of images and sounds of the scene narrated by some of its members, who have been working since the 1970s to keep the 1950s Rock’n’Roll alive.

(datos extraídos de la cuenta Vimeo de la realizadora)

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